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American Council Alexandria

Our mission is to “add value to your life” through education.

  Add Value To Your Life

Our educational programs have helped people of all ages to have a better life. Thanks to ACE, thousands of people can widen their horizons and perspectives by learning English in an easy and extremely effective way.

  Our Instructors

Are professional, experienced, friendly, reliable and inspiring. They utilize and customize the curriculum instructions using up-to-date methodology to meet individual learning styles, interests and goals of students to create a positive and exciting learning experience.

  Leader in Education

The success of ACE as an organization is that it comes up with technologies and services that respond to challenges, to education and help improve student achievement.

About Us

American Council Egypt (ACE) is a leading provider of English language instruction Services. It is a professional accredited organization for educational opportunities which offers professional training in language and business development fields. It's a “Private” organization; it doesn't have any relation(s) to any other governmental organizations.

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Our Courses

General English Courses

General English courses focus on developing the language and the skills that are necessary for effective everyday communication across a wide range of different contexts and situations.

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Conversation English Courses

Conversation English course is a topic-based English course which aims to improve the learner's confidence and fluency in speaking.

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German Language Course

Learning German at the (German Language Studies Center in American Council Egypt) is a fun and rewarding experience. Our instructors are trained in the communicative approach and will assist students in all stages of the learning process.

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TEFL Certificate

Thinking about making a career shift to teaching or trying to improve your English teaching skills that can push you forward in your career? Pursue a career in English language teaching with the worldwide accredited teacher training program in Egypt, TEFL Program, from American Council Egypt & TEFL International which has (30 branches all over the world)

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